The Dark Woods

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The Five Come Alive!

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A Haunting

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Our little bio-fields…

“Start looking at the people around you with a different set of eyes… you know we really are these cool little energy beings, who just also happen to walk around in neat little body suits. Try to begin to look at other people around you from an energy and vibrational frequency level, and look for just how bright they shine on the spectrum.  Look for how how soft and dim some people’s spirit has become. Looking at others from this perspective will change the way you see others…. how you have relationships…. and how you view the world. The tiniest of animals can sometimes have the biggest energy fields. The mightiest of elephants may carry the smallest light. Don’t forget to look into you light too, and see what it is that you are sending out into the universe as well.” – The Book of Tim


I really just have to say it, because it’s in my heart today.
God doesn’t punish his people by sending plagues to destroy us.
God doesn’t send diseases to kill us.
God doesn’t get mad at you if you commit a ‘sin’.
God doesn’t think some other nation is better than yours.
God doesn’t think some other religion is better than yours.
God doesn’t care if your gay.
God doesn’t hate anyone. At all.
If you think that he does… then you need a bigger God.

Evolve, Change, Grow…

2016 is a big year for change and growth in the Yancey home.  New opportunities for growth are materializing themselves from places I never thought possible before.  2016 is awesome, scary and exciting all at the same time!  I’m excited to see where I end up : )

With those changes… my website will evolve as well.  Releasing old thoughts and planting new ideas and accomplishments.  As I begin to load content into the website over the next few weeks, that you please pardon our dust… new attitude and new exploration is on the way!