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Time for Change…

So… can you sense the changes that are coming? Can you feel the differences that we all made this year? Some of the more ridiculous and embarrasing shows are starting to fall away… and people are digging deeper for more substantial information regarding these things that are considered unknown to us. Get ready for a shift in thinking… people are looking more into the realms of things like physics, and quantum mechanics… studying how energy works, growing and evolving away from the parlor tricks that we see on TV, and resonating with a new understanding of spirit. I’m excited, because so many of us have been trying to make ripples in the pond for so long. In order to investigate spirit… you have be attuned to spirit. Think less about bringing along your EMF detectors… The best ‘detector’ you have is your mind. Drop into your heart space, and when you look into the realm of spirit from that place… you will see. So for 2015 – Investigate and explore in new ways… share the information you learn with others…. shine light into the dark places… be a part of the changes that are creating something greater within our community.

005Dark Hauntings Workshop
Facilitator: Tim Yancey –
Kenilworth Lodge – 1610 Lakeview Drive, Sebring, Florida 33875
Saturday – September 26, 2015


Paranormal Kicks Cancer is a weekend event held in Sebring, Florida by paranormal investigators and enthusiasts.  It supports the BASE Camp Childrens Cancer Foundation.  The event will be held Friday, September 25th and Saturday, September 26th at the Kenilworth Lodge.  On Saturday, they will be hosting the Dark Hauntings Workshop.

The Dark Hauntings Workshop is presented by Tim Yancey, a violent haunting survivor and counselor. It is designed to offer a realistic look inside the realm of dark hauntings, and what may or may not cause them. The workshop also offers paranormal investigators, ghost hunters and enthusiasts with realistic, practical information on identifying dark hauntings, and guidelines to help families who believe they may be experiencing one.


Here is the best version I have found on the internet of our episode.

Phenomenology 107: June 18th – 21st in York, Pennsylvania

001aTim Yancey to appear at Phenomenology 107

All new, revised and INTENSE workshop designed to help paranormal teams and investigators provide realistic, practical help to families who are experiencing violent haunting phenomena in their home. Bring your notebooks… your not going to get this stuff anywhere else. This workshop will completely change the way you use the term, ‘demonic’ forever.


The Five Come Alive! Bringing Unity’s Five Principles to life for “Kids” of All Ages

e2ae241f1d27ea15967fd32c5e92070fAuthored by Trish Yancey

Who or what is God, and what does that mean about who or what you are?

How do you communicate with God, and does it make a difference if you do?

The Five Come Alive! answer those questions in a way that is meaningful to children and adults alike.

The “five” are basic Spiritual Truths, or principles, found in centuries-old religious teachings around the world. They are Truths about the way a connection with Something Greater – God, our Creator, our Source – can bring us love, peace, joy and prosperity. If God is the soda pop, we are the fizz!

Memorable words and playful images speak to children in a language they understand; allowing them to feel a connection to the Truths, and instilling in them a belief that God is all Good and they are a part of that Good. Authored by the Director of a Unity Youth & Family Ministry and science educator, The Five Come Alive! is a cherished tool used by parents and teachers to introduce children to not only spiritual concepts, but also a personal, inner spirituality by which they can live their lives. Enjoy making The Five Come Alive! in “kids” of ALL ages!


Publication Date: May 31 2014
ISBN/EAN13: 0615950280 / 9780615950280
Page Count: 32
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Language: English
Color: Full Color with Bleed
Related Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit / New Thought