The Dark Woods

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The Five Come Alive!

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A Haunting

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The Dark Woods

AHaunting_S7The Dark Woods By Tim Yancey – Coming soon to Amazon!



For over 30 years the Booger Man was present in our lives, tormenting and torturing us. It moved into our house in 1968, and followed us from place to place until my mother’s death in 2009.  After that, it disappeared almost as fast as it had first made itself known to us.  But it didn’t leave without a fight.

This book chronicles the events of the violent haunting that plagued my family. It is a real and accurate account of the incidents as near as we are able to recall them.  It is a hellish and frightening look into the terrifying realm of the supernatural.

My wife Trish, my brother Tom and I share our story – and this book – in the hopes that others who are experiencing similar events in their lives may find comfort in the fact that they are not alone. Our prayer is that those who may be afflicted by such events can find hope and empowerment in our story.